Do we fight for our right to affordable health care? Do we put policies in place which foster an economy that creates jobs? Do we demand our government make good on its promise to our veterans?

How we answer these questions will determine the future of Pennsylvania and our country.


Families, seniors, and those in poor health who are vulnerable and most at risk should never be forced to choose between healthcare or paying a utility bill, or between refilling a prescription or buying food. That is an untenable and unbearable burden.

Jobs and Economy

Southwest Pennsylvania, rich in natural resources and human resources, holds a proud place in American history for its many contributions to our Nation’s greatness.


As a former U.S. Naval officer, honored to have worn our Nation’s military uniform for more than 23 years, I am very proud of our country’s veterans. Their service and sacrifices protect the foundation of America’s values and laws in war and in peace.